Monday, 25 May 2009

Today's the day the beardy men have their picnic.

If you go down to the woods today be sure of a big surprise...

...or just a lot of hairy men.

Crow Creek Mining Village.

The Dr and Breman panning for Gold.

Tess panning for her airfare home...

Still smiling until the very end...

The Big Day

It's the morning of the competition and the big day is ahead of us.

A day of excitement.
A day of tension.
A day to celebrate all things beardy... and moustache-y.

Keith gets up close and personal with his tash minutes before showtime.

And the day kicks off with style...

A frenzy of excitement takes over the Imperial moustache winners

A beard without a moustache freaked us out at first...

...but we soon warmed to the new Alaskan Whaler category.

It really is the taking part that counts...

... however not sure this guy in the middle knew quite what he was up against.

Tess giving Ted some last minute styling tips.

Ted wins 1st place in the Fu Manchu style.

Jack Passion accepting his award... his usual flamboyant style.

David winning first place in the freestyle with his amazing beard woven into the shape of an Alaskan snow shoe.

Ted sizing up the competition for a place in the grand finale of facial hair.

The lovely David Traver is announced over all champion in the world.

Picking up in beards. Taking in the sights.

Only a few days until the big event. It's time for a bit of sight seeing and to pick up the furry faces from the cruise.

Here we are working our charms but then again with a 7 to 1 ratio of men to women, ladies don't have to try to hard over here.

Waiting in line for the tunnel we have to share the road with some pretty unique vehicles.

Now it's time for some face to beard action with David. And time for another mini-road trip up a mountain.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

20 Hour Days. 46 Hour Bike Rides

Another week another city. And clearly we've landed smack-dab in the midst of an urban hub. A city that literally never sleeps. A city of cultural melting pot. A city of great natural beauty. A city that seems to have problems keeping track of its poultry...

Classic moose pun. Don't see us ever getting sick of those!!

The quest for DV stock begins here. Errr... on a bicycle!
Our mini road trip - just at a more relaxed pace.

Just some of the highly tempting cuisine we encountered en-route

YAY - An actual real-life MOOSE!!!

Finally success - the illusive DV stock safe in the hands of Helen. Just look at that excitement!

And how to toast this success? With a big ole dose of milkshake.

Time to refuel before the 14 792 mile trek home!