Friday, 2 March 2012

We only bloody did it....

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Towards the end of last year we hosted our very own premiere of Tashalaska. It was a star studded event, with attendance from the facial hair elite and their fans. Its been quite a ride but with a little drive and a LOT of facial hair we got there in the end... 

Our fateful journey began way back in 2007, at The World Beard and Mustache championships in Brighton - hosted by the wonderful Handlebar Club. It was here that we stumbled upon our contributors for the very first time, and cut our teeth on our first short film Tashtastic .

With what could prove to be one of the insanest decisions making processes ever, we decided that the story wasn’t quite done with yet.  Something was telling us that this little tale needed to continue.  And we were in no way whatsoever swayed by the fact that we’d get to go to Alaska…

So after some, admittedly, rather weak attempts at asking broadcasters for money, we decided to take fate into our own hands and raised the finances ourselves, blagged the kit, assembled an amazing production team, consisting of, well, um, you know, the two of us, and set off on adventure to make a film about 3 men with the best facial hair in the business. 

After having no joy with the big film festivals and limited funds to keep applying to the smaller ones, we decided to take matters into our own hands and host our very own screening. The film had been ready for a while and friends, family and people who had helped us along the way were growing impatient.  However, in the true Tash-style, we weren’t willing to have our UK Premiere in just any old stuffy screening room.  A film of this style and panache demanded something just a little more refined. More distinguished. Thankfully, during an impromptu night out we stumbled across the fantastic Portabello Pop Up a non-profit cinema and arts venue based under a great, big, massive flyover.  And it was perfect! 

Its hard to explain the feeling you get when something you have put your heart and soul into is up on the big screen for all to see. We were incredibly grateful to everyone who gave their time and efforts, not just to make this amazing event happen, but to make Tashalaska itself happen. 

So what' s in store for 2012... Well, we are currently in the process of designing our own distribution model thanks to our wonderful web designer Lizzie Doe who had great adventures in creating our online form for  'Screen the Tash, and keep the Cash' . Pre ordered DVDs with exclusive content will be coming soon and obviously keep your eyes glued to Twitter and Facebook where we will be keeping you up to date with the latest news and gossip from the world of facial hair. 

Untill then, may the Moustache/ and or beard be with you!

On a dark, dark street...

...on a dark dark night...

Having conveniently picked the coldest night of the year so far...

...Mulled Wine was just the thing!

Ted Tastic! 
Stephanie Mills: Mixologist extraordinaire, who invented a delightful cocktail 'The Tash Tickler' in our honor .

Our Lovely Burlesque Girls 'The Tash Twizzlers'

Tom Cutler: Best selling Author of '211 things a bright boy could do'  (no 1: grow a Moustache)

Steve Parsons: Secretary of the Handlebar Club

Our lovely Photographer Martin

Rebecca Menzies: Team Tash Designer

Tessa with a 'Tash Tickler'

Ukulele Playing Songstresses No:1

Ukulele Playing Songstresses No:2

David Dade of The British Beard Club

Alan Rockliffe (AKA Rockie) of the 'Pipe Club of London'

Cracking open a lovely bottle of Ginger Joe, who kindly sponsored us with their delightful Ginger Beer!

The lesser spotted James Mullighan, our Q&A host.
Gandhi Jones in action