Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Our Tashalaskan Adventure draws to a close... its time to pack away our cameras and get started on the hard bit.

With 18 categories, 3 contributors, a very English Chinaman, a beard in the shape of an Alaskan snow shoe, a recipie for nut milk, a bear hunt and a definite love hate relationship with Sarah Palin (not to mention a multitude of fantastic moustaches to fight our way through) we've got our work cut out this summer.
Below is a final collection of photographs from our extraordinary trip into a world of ice, mountains and crazy facial hair.

The end of the competition and probably one of the most exhausting days of our lives. Here we are, still grafting, out on the streets interviewing passers by.
As far as I'm aware Helen, that trophy for 2nd place in the Freestyle moustache category does not belong to you?

My very poor attempt at a beard. I wore it like this for the rest of the day.

Our very own David makes it to the front page of the Anchorage Daily news.

This was a 10ft bear we found hanging out in the luggage department of the Alaskan equivilent of Debenhams.

On our way to see a Glacier...

So that kind of concludes it for now folks but in the mean time you can keep up with Tashtastic on the Facebook Group or on our website at

Keep and eye out for the Tashtastic (the short) on the BBC big Screen at Glastonbury Festival this year.

Thanks for your support!

(see below for more photos of the competition)