Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Norway... the aftermath

The Championship may be over, but there's no way the good times are going to end any time soon... on to the after-party at Macbeths!!

It's a hair-off!!

 Bob from the South Central Alaskan Beard & Moustache club getting on suspiciously well with one of the locals...
Seems we've accidentally stumbled on a local annual tradition & possibly our next documentary - The Russ - school kids doing drunken dares and pranks in bizzare trousers
The locals and the beards seem to be getting on very well indeed.

 Next day we decide to explore the local cuisine

 Seems the Norwegians have nailed our regional sensibilities.

 Hummmmm... fish cheese.
Oh Norway... looks what you and your insanely expensive beers have reduced us to. Public drinking it is then!

Time for a road trip....
First stop...
 Turns out the food is almost as expensive as the beer. Pasta & Pesto for breakfast, lunch and dinner it is then. The glamorous life of filmmaking.

 Us looking a wee bit on the completely knackered side!

Back to Trondheim and the local drinking establishment.

Tess rides a canon. Nuff said really!

Do you think that Tess can fit in that sand box?

Ta da!!

The Big Day...The World Beard & Mousatche Championships 2011

Another year... another World Championships under our belt - this time a little bit closer to home in Trondheim, Norway. 

While most people clearly turned up for the first preview screening of Tashalaska, there was also the small matter of sorting out the best of the best in the world of facial hair.

Reunited with two thirds of Tashalaska... let the festivities begin!!
Two old pros give some gratefully received tips to a championship newbie. Obviously worked a treat as Travis Nance (Oklahoma Beard Club) placed 3rd in Verdi.

After 2009's manic filming frenzy, this time we're sitting back and getting OURSELVES in front of the camera!

Keith embraces the lime-light once again.

 Tess with Phil Olsen, captain of Beard Team USA

Us and the President of this year's host club - The Norwegian Moustache Club
The Row of Champions!!

Full Freestyle Octopus Beard

Glam-rock Musketeer

Jurgen Burkhardt from Belle Moustache Club, the hosts of WBMC 2013

Gandhi Jones' love heart stache...

...claims victory no 3 for our co-star

A newbie from Finland claims the Dali Victory

An emotional Moment as Lutz Giese from Germany claims the title from 
4 times world champion Ted Sedman. 

Frazer Coppin from The British Beard Club - onstage collecting 2nd place Musketeer...

...while posing with his well-earned trophy after

 Crowd pleasing shenanigans on stage!!

Controversy as Jack Passion places 2nd in Natural Full Beard to Rooty Lundvall, Whisker Club

Burke Kenny collects first place for Full Beard with Styled Moustache

This time around Elmar Weisser sports a Reindeer and Norwegian flag combo... unstoppable!

The only man forgiven for being clean shaven(!) was the awards trumpeter...  if only all of life achievements could be to a Star Wars themed brass section!!

Steve Parsons of The Handlebar Club showing his true love of Arsenal by kitting himself out in vintage.

And the tension mounts as the winners line up begins...

Elmar Weisser wins Best In Show, and makes sure his stylist - and sister - gets her moment in the spot-light as well. 

Brits abroad - Team Tash and the Handlebar Club

Team Tash with a true facial hair legend... What a guy. What a beard!