Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Norway... the aftermath

The Championship may be over, but there's no way the good times are going to end any time soon... on to the after-party at Macbeths!!

It's a hair-off!!

 Bob from the South Central Alaskan Beard & Moustache club getting on suspiciously well with one of the locals...
Seems we've accidentally stumbled on a local annual tradition & possibly our next documentary - The Russ - school kids doing drunken dares and pranks in bizzare trousers
The locals and the beards seem to be getting on very well indeed.

 Next day we decide to explore the local cuisine

 Seems the Norwegians have nailed our regional sensibilities.

 Hummmmm... fish cheese.
Oh Norway... looks what you and your insanely expensive beers have reduced us to. Public drinking it is then!

Time for a road trip....
First stop...
 Turns out the food is almost as expensive as the beer. Pasta & Pesto for breakfast, lunch and dinner it is then. The glamorous life of filmmaking.

 Us looking a wee bit on the completely knackered side!

Back to Trondheim and the local drinking establishment.

Tess rides a canon. Nuff said really!

Do you think that Tess can fit in that sand box?

Ta da!!

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